New Year, New Fuck All

A new year, a new decade.

Everyone is talking about resolutions and how they’re going to change and how it’s guaranteed. While they’re doing that, I’m still ignoring my diet – I’m still procrastinating writing and I’m still living my best life.

I know I could’ve set something for myself, but the last time I did that I was thoroughly disappointment when it got to the end of the year and I still wasn’t a millionaire…

I jest.

The reality is, the last time I set a resolution for myself, I said I’d marry Sky. And although I am still intending to do so (as long as they’ll take me), I couldn’t because of visa rules…

I needed to be earning £18500 before tax, and have £10000 in savings so I could pay for the visas. But this was 2017 – I got a job, due to start in September – turned down other jobs while waiting to start, only for the job to fall through. It was disappointing. And I’ve been stuck working in IT ever since, so we all know that I’m barely earning the before tax money, so where is the £10,000 coming from? Yeah, we have no idea.
And although I plan on trying to get this done this year so we can finally get married and sleep in the same bed on a night rather than having to sleep in a bed with a laptop with Sky 5000+ miles away… I can’t say it’s going to happen this year. I want it to, but I can’t do that to myself again.

I understand that people want to change stuff up a little, that’s awesome to have goals for your future. But, I want people to be honest.

“This year I’m going to be a much better person! I’m not going to fat shame people anymore, and I may stop saying f*ggot!”

What a lovely human being some people are… Right?
Somehow a New Years resolution to be a decent human being is now a big ask? But let’s be honest, New Years resolutions are not there to change your personality. It’s just a goal, so… I doubt you’re going to stop saying f*ggot because another day has turned up.

But, if you’re doing a resolution or goal, no matter what it is – as long as you’re being truthful to yourself that’s what’s going to get you to your goal.

Want to quit smoking? Don’t let yourself talk you into just one last cig.

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