2019 – Our Year at a Glimpse

We did so many things in 2019.

My Name is Riley was founded on January 16th.
Rainbow Raft Podcast went live on August 2nd.
I started T3ddy Talk on October 9th.

And let’s not forget our greatest hits! Here are the top four posts/pages of T3ddy Talk from 2019.

4. Transphobia at the Opticians – 311 Views

It’s not something I deal with a lot in person. Especially when I announce myself as Mr Teddy Gutierrez.

But I recently went to the opticians and a few staff members were adamant that Mr Teddy Gutierrez was not me…

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3. “Why doesn’t my daughter want to know me?” – 501 views

A parent of a Trans Man wonders why her “daughter” won’t talk to her…
Maybe because he’s never been her daughter to begin with…

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2. Our Books – 739 Views

To the Person in My Attic is a piece of general fiction based on the truth of hidden occupancy…

Jakub Aronoff was born in 1911, and died in 1939, abandoning his beliefs, so that others could live…

To read these, any plenty more, continue reading…

1. Why we use GRSVP instead of LGBT – 1387 Views

Our communities fully came together as a movement 50 years ago. Yet a lot of those who participated in the Stonewall Riots still aren’t represented in the current acronyms: LGBT+ or LGBTQIA.

But this is, hopefully, where all of that changes.
We’re using Gender, Romantic, and Sexual Variant People (GRSVP) instead of LGBT+.

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We received over 10k views overall in 2019 and have made it to 2000 likes on MNIR.

In this new year, we hope to set new goals and bring you more content. With Creatures of Hyfern and To the Person in My Attic uploading on a fortnightly basis and content being released every Sunday, we’re excited for this year.

Soon we will have our new anthology, New Vibes, coming out in the spring. So, fingers crossed we’ll be able to break our records this year.

Happy New Year!

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