The Invisibility Cloak of Asexuality

A good, old piece from LLLRanting…

Live Love Laugh Ranting

Being asexual comes with certain pitfalls. In today’s hypersexual society, it’s regarded as almost an affront if you don’t feel sexual attraction to somebody or want to have sex with them, and this applies to both sides: heterosexual and LGBT+. Many people seem to take personal offence if their partner states that they are not sexually attracted to them or don’t want to sleep with them (though it is important to note that asexuality is only the lack of sexual attraction and that many asexual people do feel sexual desire and enjoy sex with their partner for whatever reason – to feel intimate and close, to enjoy the sensations and physical pleasure, or whatever other reason we might have).

But, almost conversely, asexuality itself is rather simple. Many people seem to struggle with the concept that there are some people who quite simply do not feel sexual attraction to anybody…

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