Becoming a Wig Wearer

I’ve been suffering from Alopecia since the age of twelve. I lost my hair around my ears first, then it slowly thinned and vanished.

I was lucky, I never went entirely bald.

My bald patches were never overly noticeable – I was very good at hiding them.

But it got to this year, and that changed quickly. I lost most of my hair at the beginning of the year, buzz cut it and went to wear wigs and having very short hair.

Then it came back in November. I lost my hair again – overall it was a nightmare. My hair was almost entirely gone before the first fortnight was over.

Now, I’m bald. But I went shopping for wigs yesterday for the first time in an actual store rather than just buying them online.

It was a really creepy experience as someone who doesn’t like mannequins! But we found a store with less creepy heads, and I found a wig – human hair, heat resistant, brand new, and in the cap construction that I like.

I bought it, for £20, what a bargain!

It’s hard finding a human hair wig that isn’t a lace front, trust me I’ve been trying to find one since November 2018 – the last time I lost my hair.

I was lucky, that I found this one. I’m lucky that it suits me…

Now I just have to try and remember to take it off my head when the day ends…

I’m not sad that I’ve lost my hair, if anything I’m sort of happy. It was a nightmare living in fear of going bald, and it’s made my life 100% easier considering my Alopecia has gotten rid of my head hair, armpit hair, and the hair I used to get on my knuckles…

I know I’m going to have to shave my hair when the small hairs come back, and I know it will come back – whether it being in full force or not I’m not sure and I don’t care. I refuse to live in fear or annoyance of my hair falling out. I hate waking up with hair on my pillow, or my hairbrush being full after two pulls…

I like my wig, and I’m much more confident in myself and my appearance wearing something that will always be the same and static, than I will be with my natural hair that never stays the same for longer than a day…

It only took two weeks for me to lose my hair, a change like that is unnerving and upsetting; I’m not going through it again.

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