“We can’t afford it!” – Mental Health Support in Universities

It’s necessary to have counsellors on University and College campuses, ready to take care of students who are overwhelmed, depressed, and even suicidal. But, as time goes on, we find out that Colleges and Universities can’t afford these necessities. But it’s not entirely because they’re facing tax cuts…
After all, some professors at Durham University thought a tax paid, fully inclusive break to Las Vegas was a good idea.
But, in their defence, they didn’t spend £19.8 million on credit cards – which were used for York Races, Domino’s Pizza, and Sex Toys… No, that was Nottingham instead.

So, by all means, slag off the government for under-funding mental health charities and NHS facilities – I completely agree. But maybe you should also focus on the money being randomly spent by the people who are supposed to be supporting your adult kids…

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