Transphobia at the Opticians

My Name is Riley | MNIR

It’s not something I deal with a lot in person. Especially when I announce myself as Mr Teddy Gutierrez.

But recently I went to Specsavers, and it was an okay experience.
The person who checked me in for my appointment didn’t bat an eyelid when she looked at me and my appointment. I know I don’t look masculine in my face unless I’m trying, but she didn’t say anything, and she left it as Mr.
The pre-eye examination before my eye test went well.

The lady said: Mr Teddy Gutierrez, I stood up — she smiled and took me to the seat. Once again, nothing terrible about it.

The optician asked me: it’s Mr Teddy Gutierrez, right?
I assured him, yes it was. That’s my name. He was okay with it.

But that’s when the good experience ended. The optician handed me over to a woman who refused to call me…

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