Don’t Tell Me To “Cheer Up”!

Depression is a bitch. It’s like a horrible cat clawing your back and trying to keep you in bed when you want to do something more interesting with your time. It’s draining feeling that makes you feel upset and tired for possibly no reason.

Major Depressive Disorder is not a twelve week period after losing someone you love; it’s not how you feel after a divorce or a heartbreak. It can be triggered by these things, but it’s not something that goes away.

Depression is an issue where there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing you to feel down when there is possibly nothing to feel down about.

My depression started when I was seven-years-old. I was depressed because of events that had happened in my life, but that never stopped for me – even now, I can wake up feeling depressed and moody for no reason. The difference, however, between depression and bipolar disorder is that the changes are more gradual for depression.

You may have heard about people with bipolar who are perfectly fine one minute but go manic the next – well, that’s not how depression works.

You can go manic – manic depressive – and when that happens, it could take a day or two before realising it’s even happening.

But, like any other mental health condition – it’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it something that can go away.

You can feel depressed, that happens, but it doesn’t mean you have depression. Depressed is an emotion, depression is a disorder.

However, the fact it’s a disorder that is here to stay – that doesn’t stop people from telling me how to get rid of it…

I’ve often had:

Have you tried Yoga?

Cheer up!

Just smile!

And even, it’s all in your head!

Yeah, it is all in my head. Yes, I have tried yoga. No, I won’t smile, nor will I cheer up. I don’t have to do it because it’s not my fault I’m like this – just like it’s not a cancer sufferer’s fault that they have cancer, or a disabled person’s fault because they’re in a wheelchair. Stop trying to make us do something and force us to do what you want because you can’t see the problem. Just because my condition is invisible, doesn’t mean it’s not as deadly as anything else.

Depression isn’t just a condition; for some, it is like a ticking time bomb. So treat it like one. Treat the person as a person and not your next art project.

Have depression? Want to relate to something? Here you go:

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