“Why doesn’t my Daughter want to know me?”

For the past five years of my life, I’ve offered up my knowledge to our audience. Have a question? If I have the answer, I’ll share it.

So, getting a message via MNIR’s tumblr and email address isn’t uncommon.

I’ll admit, however, this one rubbed me the wrong way.

Here’s the post with a friend’s (Dmitri, former admin of MNIR – he’s still active on Tumblr) initial response:

I really can’t blame him for responding like this. And after finding the email, I’m really not surprised.

I redacted their contact information, and her son’s deadname, for privacy reasons. They initially reached out to us via Tumblr – Anonymously – so, I won’t out them. The email was private, so personal information is staying private. However, as they did initially give us most of the same information via Tumblr, sharing the email just gives us more context.

This human being is a disgrace of a parent.

She wasn’t trying to protect her daughter. She couldn’t accept him for who he is.

I’m not Transgendered, in the same way that you’re not Womaned. I’m Non-Binary Transgender, and I’m here to tell you this:

If you child is Trans, support them. Support them in all they do and in everything that they need. Don’t refuse because you don’t agree with it or believe it to be right. Don’t refuse because you don’t understand.

If you have a Trans Son, and you keep calling him your Daughter, I can guarantee you that your child will leave you.

You gave them the option of being someone who they’re not, or leaving. It’s an ultimatum that you should never have given them. Because if you give someone the choise between happiness and sadness – they will always choose happiness. And why wouldn’t they?

Support your child, be there for them while they need you. Don’t tell them that they have to wait until they can do it themselves… Because they’ll realise that they can do everything themselves and they won’t need you anymore.

If you’re reading this, Ms Redacted, I hope you educate yourself, I hope you find your son; and I hope they forgive you.

If you have any questions, you know where we are.

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