I Will Find You – Book Release

I Will Find You was released in April this year for #LesbianVisibilityDay. It wasn’t available to everyone, so I’m fixing that. Here it is:

We can’t deny the horrors that the world has bestowed upon minorities over the past millennia. Every community is scarred by them. But, no matter how many times we make mistakes – humanity never learns from them.

In January 2019, it was announced that at least forty gay men and women have been detained for being homosexual in Chechnya. This has been viewed as a purge of homosexuals by many. It can’t be denied. We must fight. We can’t afford not to.

I Will Find You is Book Two of the Dehumanisation Series and the story of the LGBT+ Purge.

Warning: Some content may be distressing to some readers. Trigger Warnings will be placed on certain chapters. Book contains strong language.

Click the download button below to get the final edition of the book for free.

#ImReading #IWillFindYou #T3ddyTalk

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