Close to the Sun – Review

While flipping through the games Nintendo had for the switch on their marketplace we found this game. Looking at the screenshots, it gives off a Bioshock feel as this game takes place in the 19th century. First impressions were quite good since, in this game, they’re not afraid to put you in tense situations without a means of defending yourself.

What we have here is a game of paradoxes wrapped up in horrific time fixing monsters. In this world, Nikola Tesla gathers all of the brightest minds around to one ship where they create many fantastical devices. The only problem is that in their pursuit of knowledge they managed to play with time to the point that it started to fight back. As you go through the story you find notes left by the player but from the future. It’s implied that at the end of the game that we can go back and fix past events and change how the story ends but we don’t get to do such a thing yet unless there is a DLC in the works.

With great atmosphere and some genuine moments of concern on whether or not your safety is in question, this game can give you a couple of hours of fun gameplay. This game is much better played on a tv than just the switch as the downscaled graphics for the switch tend to get fuzzy. Other than a few chase scenes that will make you pull your hair out, you will be running  through this game and have a merry old time getting into the story. However, this game doesn’t feel like it’s worth $30. Maybe more along the lines of $20 but we still enjoyed it.

Maybe give it a try when it’s on sale?

With another review done, I’m signing off.

Have an awesome day, everyone!

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