Sigrid’s Sucker Punch Tour – Live at the O2 Academy Leeds

I’m a big fan of music – it’s something that I enjoy greatly, even if it’s hard to hear now due to slight deafness.

I’ve never been lucky enough to go to many concerts. My first official concert was back in 2012 for Kerrang, but this is the first main concert for me. Sigrid is a fantastic singer, her voice is booming and her songs echo in my head. So, I decided to go see her in Leeds.

I went with a friend, Suzi, and this is my review of the entire experience.

Here’s the verdict:

Here’s how I got to the decision.

The ticket prices from Ticketmaster were £27.20 each, including the booking fee. Which I felt was reasonable! So, happy days.

The prices at the venue on the other hand were a little out there.

For two Pepsi Max’s that were extremely flat, it cost us £6, meaning they were £3 each… Not really worth it, they tasted poor.

Onto the review of the concert, IDER was the supporting act of the night and they were swell. Their music is similar to the style of Sigrid, so it was a good choice having them as the supporting act. Although, I didn’t know any of their songs at the time, I’m now aware of their music and have been listening to their new, Emotional Education, album on Spotify.

Then, we have Sigrid. She got the crowd singing along with her in the intro song and it didn’t stop through, she even acknowledged the fact her fan base in our area is a mix of ages and genders.

The music was a mix, not just of the Sucker Punch album but also of the Raw single. It was fantastic! There was a little bit for everyone – for the people that liked her for her new music and for the people that liked her for her early music.

Luckily, I remembered which songs – so, I decided to put them in a playlist for those who wanted to listen:

The night was great, and we enjoyed it so much. The music was fantastic, the venue was easy to get to and the tickets were a great price. The issue with it, is the venue prices – especially for sub-par items.

But, overall, it was a great night and I can’t wait to go see Sigrid again!

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