IT: Chapter Two Review

A long awaited horror film, and easily one of my favourites of 2019 – not my number one, but certainly in the top five! Let’s get onto the verdict!

So, the overall film was great – the choice in actors held strong and the film kept the plot well. Obviously, there are parts of the book that didn’t make it to the film – but for those whose only reference is the original mini-series, the plot held true.

The differences between the film and the show is easily the actors. The mini-series was good but let’s be honest, Tim Curry carried the entire thing. The actors were good
but not made for their parts. Unlike our new cast – Bill Hader was MADE to play Richie! Bill Skarsgård is the more horrific Pennywise we may ever get without CGI (for normal scenes – because he obviously can’t unhinge his jaw), and James Ransome for Eddie just brought that character to life for me. They’re exactly as they should be, exactly how I thought they’d be after reading the book.

Another difference is the relationship between Richie and Eddie. It seems like the pair were romantically intimate at some point or another, which Richie’s fear being outed as Gay – which is announced by Pennywise during his token finding. Richie’s feelings for Eddie are later confirmed, over Eddie’s dead body when he refuses to leave him in the cave where Pennywise lives.
The kills in the film were executed well – the CGI wasn’t terribly done, so it was a good experience. Something that I think didn’t end too well was the ending of Pennywise – I feel like there should’ve been a bit more fighting to it.

Another thing that I would like to jest on is a Chapter Three. If a third film isn’t on the table at all, then maybe it shouldn’t’ve been called Chapter Two. However, with the splendid overall ending of Pennywise dying and the Loser Club losing two members and being
reunited, I would suggest not bringing either back. Instead of doing Chapter Three as a follow up, it should be a pre-sequel! Show us more about Pennywise’s
centuries of hunting and devouring Derry Residents.

So, would I want a sequel? Yes.
Do I want more of the Loser Club? No.

The team successfully killed Pennywise, we don’t need their success to mean nothing. That has to be the ending.

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