Vegan Chocolate Taste Test

I’m Dairy Intolerant, so I’m always looking for new chocolate to try. However, when it’s dairy free, it’s usually listed as vegan, often gluten free, and nut free, too!

And buying speciality items with special dietary requirements is expensive. So, although I will be writing about taste – I will also tell you the prices. All the facts, not just what our tastebuds say.

To make it a level playing field, we’re going to be tasting Honeycomb Toffee Chocolate.
Honeycomb Toffee is made by heating up sugar, syrup, butter, and bicarbonate of soda. It’s called Honeycomb because of its texture and hardened state resembling a Honeycomb. However, it’s also called Cinder Toffee or Honeycomb Toffee due its slightly burnt aftertaste and extremely sweet chewy texture.

Here we go!

Our test subjects for these delicious chocolates are: Teddy (me) and Skylar.

Let’s start with the cheapest of the three chocolates we tasted:

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[Note: this image is from the site of Fabulous FreeFrom Factory. They are not a sponsor.]

Fabulous FreeFrom Factory’s Dairy Free Chocovered Crunchee Bites.

Resembling the family favourite, Crunchie, these pieces of honeycomb, covered in chocolate are a very sweet treat. The packaging is right! It’s Crispy and Crackly. They have a good crunch, the toffee leaves you with the typical Cinder Toffee after taste and it even states in the ingredients that they are using Honeycomb Toffee rather than just honeycomb – which typically suggests created by bees and containing honey.

The chocolate has a dark chocolate taste, smooth but with a slight bitter edge. However, something that we all disliked about this chocolate was the incredible amount of sugar.

This chocolate has the highest amount of sugar per 100g – 68.4g. It’s so sweet that it will leave someone with sensitive teeth in toothache if you chew your chocolate.

However, if you like dark chocolate, extreme amounts of sugar, and something that you’ll really need to chew – this is your treat! A bag of 65g will set you back £1.69, making it the cheapest option as it’s only £2.60 for 100g!

So, here’s our verdict:

6 out of 10. It’s a good alternative to a Crunchie and extremely cheap for a vegan candy/chocolate, but full of sugar and the chocolate is quite bitter.

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[Note: this image is from the site of ASDA. They, the brand or ASDA/Walmart, are not a sponsor.]

Onto our next cheapest, the Moo Free Mini Moos Bunnycomb Chocolate Bar. This was the first ever chocolate bar that I’d tried after being diagnosed with dairy intolerance. It’s smooth, tastes like milk chocolate, and has small, crunchy pieces of honeycomb littered within it.

A brand, once again, listing Honeycomb Toffee in their ingredients and rightly so. With a bold taste of cinder toffee, but without the burnt after taste – this chocolate is designed for children – or at least to make it easier on them. Unlike the Chocovered Crunchee Bites which were too hard and full of sugar, then covered in a bitter dark chocolate. This is a lot friendlier on price, too.

The amount of sugar is a lot less, too. With 25g less sugar than the Chocovered Crunchee Bites, it’s a lot better for sensitive teeth. With only 43.3g of sugar per 100g.

For the price, a single bar will put you back 69p, which works out at £3.00 per 100g.

Also, not a bad price for vegan chocolate, and a lot more readily available with it being available in a lot more stores nation wide!

So, here’s the verdict:

9 out of 10! It’s a fantastic tasting chocolate, with small pieces of honeycomb toffee that don’t get stuck to your teeth. It’s less sugar, and overall better portioned! Along with a much better price than some! However, with them being individual bars – they use a lot of plastic. So, not a perfect score – but good.

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[Note: this image is from the site of Push Chocolate. They are not a sponsor. This product was received for free as a sample – offered on their Facebook page to the public – as a celebration of Vegan Day, and on their website as a “thank you” for following their site.]

And finally, Push Honeycomb Chocolate.

This chocolate comes in a plastic-free pouch, which is fantastic! There’s nothing more annoying than a company saying they care about the environment, then contributing to the plastic pollution that is damaging our oceans.

Onto the chocolate, the taste of it is a combination of dark and milk, it’s a good in between with slight bitter tones but nothing too harsh. The honeycomb is slightly soft, which makes it a lot easier to eat, but keeps its toffee taste.

Unlike the others, this honeycomb is listed as just that – honeycomb. Not Honeycomb Toffee as is listed by so many other companies, which I feel has left some people confused about the ingredients. That would possibly be my single suggestion on the aspect of packaging.

Another difference from the other chocolate is that this one is a lot less sugar, and it’s one of the main marketing points. Per 100g, it only has 24.9g of sugar – which is, as their site suggests, 50% less sugar than mainstream chocolate buttons – but it’s also over 50% less than Chocovered Crunchee Bites, and almost half the sugar content of Moo Free Mini Moos Bunnycomb Chocolate Bars.

Their online store has only been open for a year, so I’m not surprised that their prices are higher than the other brands that we tried. However, with the plastic-free packaging, it makes sense for it to be a little higher in price. After all, plastic packaging is the cheap alternative to eco-friendly packaging. The price for 100g is £5. £2 more than Mini Moos, and £2.40 more than Fabulous FreeFrom Factory. The price is a slight downfall – especially for those who don’t have the money to buy it. However, if I could choose to have a pouch of Push Chocolate once a month over a Mini Moos bar once a week, I think I’d go with Push.

So, here’s the verdict:

We went with 9 out of 10 – the chocolate is smooth and flavourful. The Honeycomb Toffee is soft and easy to eat. The plastic-free packaging and low sugar content means that you can eat them without having to worry. The main thing I’d want to see, in order to give it a 10, is a decrease on price – it’ll take time, but if it can make healthier sweet treats more available to everyone – it would be the best!

And that’s it! Overall, it totally depends on what you enjoy in chocolate and honeycomb.

Like big crunches and sugar? Try Chocovered Crunchee Bites.

Want to share some milky, dairy free chocolate with your kids but still have a little but of a crunch? Try Moo Free Mini Moos Bunnycomb Chocolate Bar.

Do you want to help the environment by reducing plastic consumption while consuming some low sugar, naturally sweet chocolate? Try Push Honeycomb Chocolate.

What ever you choose, we hope you enjoy!

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