Netflix’s “Green Eggs and Ham” Review

A new short series on Netflix that’s fun and very addictive to watch. From its great art style to the messages of friendship and love, this original Netflix series will have you smiling and singing along to the intro.

Now, onto the verdict!

Even from the start, Green Eggs and Ham will have you addicted with their fun and catchy intro song following some green eggs.

After all that fun our narrator has us follow Guy Am-I, an inventor that has issues getting close to people and has very bad luck with his inventions. Soon after having the only invention that blew up at a meeting he meets Sam I-Am in a diner where he asks why Guy does not like green eggs and ham. 

Following these events is a crazy wacky ride between our two heroes and the Chickeraffe that they are trying to free. Although, there are some plot twists that you just don’t want to believe are so.

With a short but sweet 13 episodes you will be begging for more but I personally feel that it’s the right length for the plot they had. I can’t wait to see if what they do next or if they even plan to make a second series.

Another crazy adventure with this duo trying to find Sam’s mother? Count me in.

Overall, I loved the series and suggest that everyone should give it a try.

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