Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon Review

Possibly one of the funniest stop motion animated films I’ve seen in a long time. We went to see it while in Lancaster, and although some weren’t impressed with the film (parents majoritively), it was a good film with a good basis and plot.

So, here’s our verdict:

It was really easy to give it this score! It was a really good film!
So, onto how we got to this verdict!

Shaun the Sheep has been around since around 1999 as Shaun was in A Close Shave with Wallace and Gromit. He officially got his own show in 2007 before getting it’s first feature film in 2017 and later, 2019 with Farmageddon. I loved this film, it brought back memories of coming home from school and watching Shaun the Sheep on CBBC in the living room. It’s great and honestly, stop motion animations from Nick Park will never get old.

Nick Park was a producer for the Farmageddon film, which is good! We don’t want an IT Crowd USA version situation happening ever again (they didn’t have the creator on board and they wondered why it flopped…).

The design of the film was, overall, the same as any Shaun the Sheep episode. Which I prefer more as the first Shaun the Sheep film had a slightly different aesthetic…

So, the design and overall feel of the film was the same as any Shaun the Sheep episode, which is a bonus for us who remember watching it. Now, onto the plot!

At the beginning of the film we see a local villager come out of a takeaway – very British, I know – eating chips. His dog runs into the nearby woodland which is where he sees a UFO (landed) and an Alien standing on the ramp. The Alien, Lu-la, chases them due to the smell of the chips. The villager drops his chips and escapes, leaving the chips to Lu-la (nom nom).

Later, Shaun mischievously order’s Pizza on Farmer John’s computer but upon arriving, there’s no pizza in the boxes! Lu-la had snuck into the bag that the pizza delivery boy was using on his bike to transport them. Shaun instantly makes friends with Lu-la, who seems able to mimic noises perfectly.

Lu-la crashes Farmer John’s Harvester, but in the process of trying to use it to get back home (Lu-la didn’t realise that it didn’t fly) she drew crop circles! Which Farmer John decided to invest in, writing a play to put on at the farm along with a small festival/amusements in order to rake in some money with all the UFO speculators being in the village. (Which the sheep helped build because Bitzer was terrible at it!!!)

Shaun helps Lu-la get back to the UFO, but in the mean time she went into a supermarket for something to eat, ended up with a sugar rush and the simplest way of putting it is that there is no longer a supermarket left…

They also put a bull in a china shop – we all know what was going to happen with that one.

The overall plot of the film is that while on earth Lu-la is hunted by Agent Red, who was bullied for believing in aliens and has since devoted her life to hunting them.

The situation for Lu-la is that she woke up one night and found her dad’s car/spaceship keys and accidentally travelled to Earth and ended up being unaware of how to get back. Luckily, after crashing the spaceship because he really wanted pizza, Shaun found that the key was also a distress beacon. While fighting off Red, a signal is sent and Lu-la’s parents come to get her – revealing that they were the aliens that Red had seen as a child.

It’s all about a child that got lost, couldn’t get home, and had friends help her reach her parents – and I sobbed like a baby.

The film was funny, there were RoboCop, Terminator, Wall-E, Doctor Who, E.T, and Star Trek references scattered throughout – with Farmer John wearing a Star Trek badge and Shaun dressing up as a Dalek in order to get into the theme park John had put together.

But at the same time of it being funny, it had sad moments – which made me cry but also some of the kids, which I think is difficult when there’s no verbal talking involved. The film only had one real word in it – and it was Red screaming No.

I feel like some of the parents that watched it may not have liked it because they didn’t grow up with Shaun the Sheep, and maybe even missed Wallace and Gromit. I think it’s upsetting that they can’t understand how good the film is just because it doesn’t have words in the speech.

Overall, it was a great film. The plot had twists and real character building for both Shaun, Lu-la, and Bitzer the Sheep dog.

I would highly recommend watching it!

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