Zombieland: Doubletap Review

We’ve waited ten years for a sequel to one of the best ZomCom films in existence. Was the wait worth while? We, myself and Sky, certainly think so! Before we go into why, let’s get a score for this bad boy!

Now onto why we got to this conclusion!

It’s time for Zombieland fans to admit that their favourite actor of the film is Woody Harrelson and that he carried the first film alone, and did the same the second time around. Woody is an amazing actor and his role as Tallahassee was acted out phenomenally.

Thank God for Rednecks!

~Tallahassee, Zombieland, 2009

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Ruben Fleischer and Woody Harrelson, I may not have even gone to watch the film. It’s not that I have anything again Jesse Eisnenberg or Emma Stone, but personally I find them quite bland. Though, Jesse’s acting in Zombieland is always on point for the character that he’s playing. Emma on the other hand… Let’s just say, I prefer every other character, including Berkeley [Yeah, I went there], over Wichita. In the first film, I enjoyed her – she was fiesty and funny. But in this film, she came off as a whining baby – worried about marrying someone who is probably going to end up dead. But hey, she has commitment issues – ya know, dating someone for ten years in a zombie infested world is piss easy in comparison to marriage, right?

But what about Little Rock?! Yeah, sorry pal – Abigail Breslin was barely in the film – which is extremely annoying because my favourite characters are Tallahassee and Little Rock… WHERE’S MY SCREEN TIME FOR LITTLE ROCK?!

I wanted more, Sky wanted more… We all wanted more Abigail but we got Emma instead – pitty.

[Note: It’s not that I don’t like Emma Stone, she’s a great actress and I enjoyed her performance in The Amazing Spider-man 2 – but for this one, she just didn’t cut the cake… She dropped it on the floor.]

On to the Plot!

Little Rock leaves the group to go to Graceland with a hipster pacifist, who doesn’t fight Zombies… Yeah, always a good idea.

Wichita goes with her, up until meeting Berkeley, and leaves Columbus because she’s afraid of getting married to a man she’s been dating for ten years and someone who has a very short expiry date considering the Zombie Apocalypse.

After four weeks of the girls being missing, Columbus finds a new lady friend – called Madison – who often is described as stupid, brainless, and unable to think. Which was quite distasteful and the character was super fucking annoying.

Wichita comes back just after Columbus has had sex with Madison – yeah, it was pretty gross (thanks for the lack of a sex scene!). Leading them on their adventure to find/rescue Little Rock.

Tallahassee finally got laid by one of the best human beings known to man – Nevada played by Rosario Dawson. Nevada is an amazing character and if they bring out a third film, I want more of her in it.

They find out that Little Rock has gone to “Babylon” a large tower full of pacifists without any guns to protect themselves. They’re happy, they find Little Rock. Tallahassee leaves to be the lone wolf he is but finds a horde of T-800s heading towards the Babylon tower…

T-800s being the toughest kinds of zombies out there after they began to evolve. [There’s also Ninjas and Homers – very cool]

Tallahassee heads back to save the team, as usual, and they find themselves surrounded.

Then Nevada turns up in Big Fat Death, a monster truck, killing a few T-800s.

Later Tallahassee is is mortal danger because a pair of zombies, handcuffed together, were hanging from Tallahassee’s foot while he was hanged as bait for the zombies to fall of the top of the tower.

So, the plot was a little naff (poor) but overall I loved seeing the characters again. Nevada was a great addition, Tallahassee was perfect, and Columbus was funny as always.

Further to our enjoyment, there was a credit cut scene… WITH BILL FUCKING MURRAY!

It went back to the ground zero day. The day it all started. With Bill Murray talking about Garfield 3 before he starts kicking some Zombie butt!

So, to recap:

-Tallahassee carried the film, Woody’s acting was amazing, and I want more of him!

-Columbus is still funny, but still a bland main character.

-Little Rock has little to no scene time which is annoying because we fucking love her!

-Wichita is meh.

-Nevada is fucking awesome.

-Bill Murray kicking ass is funny as fuck.

-The plot was a little bland but funny.

And that’s why we gave the film 8 out of 10 zombies!

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